Turn the casual viewer into an engaged customer

Never miss a sales opportunity again with Fishbole's powerful sales and marketing features

Integrate with an email marketing service or CRM

The action form and email gate can easily be integrated with an email marketing service, CRM, or marketing automation platform so you can more easily nurture your new lead through your marketing funnel.

Identify viewers

When Fishbole's email registration is turned on, your viewers can enter their email addresses right within the video presentation! This enhanced feature makes it easy for you to identify viewers and send qualified leads to your CRM and subscriber lists.


Action form

Our action form is a powerful feature for marketers. This indirect method for lead generation lets the viewer complete your form while they continue watching your video presentations. This lets you turn drive-by visitors into high-quality leads.



The slide-in call-to-action seamlessly enters the screen below your slide content, set it to appear at the most relevant time of your presentation. Encourage your viewers to check out your ebook, sign up for a free trial, book a sales call...

Saved recordings

We save the latest 5 recordings, so you can have a few takes and pick the best one!

Embed code

Our embed code is responsive, simply copy paste the embed to your website or blog and it will automatically size to the width of your container.

Go fullscreen

Theater mode is perfect for when your video presentation is being projected or watched in a meeting room.

Re-use recordings

Re-purpose, assemble and add existing video chapters from previous Fishbole’s to create a brand new video.

Set expiration date

Worried about having old videos in the market place? Not with Fishbole! Set your videos to expire at a certain date/time.

Laser pointer

Hold shift and immediately transform your mouse’s cursor into a laser pointer!

Smart copy and paste

Copy and paste screenshots from the clipboard directly onto your chapter ready for recording. No more messy desktops.

Add contributors

Invite a co-host, guest, or customer to record a chapter on your video presentation.


Fishbole isn't a just a video

It's a responsive and dynamic web page with a robust hosting and distribution infrastructure. No need to export, process, download, and upload as the video presentation will be instantly shareable, embeddable and watchable on any device.