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Record high-quality video explanations to any presentation, slide, PDF, image or screen recording and share in minutes. No editing required.

More than just a talking head

Video presentations have the power to humanize your brand, educate your customers, promote your products, and so much more…


Leverage the power of video to create a face-to-face interaction with new sales leads, a quick demo to explain your product or service, or a personalized pitch video for potential prospects.

Simon used Fishbole to close 2 major deals for Brandbrief.

Watch ‘Hello from Brand brand’ ~ 174 Seconds


People are instinctively attracted to stimuli such as motion, sound and human faces. Using video can be the most rapid way to communicate information, evoke emotions, and establish rapport with audiences.

Jobbio used Fishbole to build a personalized video support portal.

Watch ‘BUILD A POWERFUL PROFILE’ ~ 150 Seconds


Fishbole allows you to capture the authenticity of face-to-face presenting that a simple PowerPoint or Google Doc can’t. It’s a far more human and natural way of communicating with others, including coworkers.

Shoes of NYC used Fishbole to recruit contributors for their Instagram project

Watch ‘SO/NYC CONTRIBUTORS’ ~ 177 Seconds

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Never miss a sales opportunity again with Fishbole’s powerful sales and marketing features

  1. Identify viewers

    This enables an email gate. All new viewers must enter their email before watching your video.

  2. Action form

    If your goal today is to generate leads, adding an action form makes sense. Every time you share a Fishbole without a form, you’re missing out on potential lead.

  3. Call-to-action

    Encourage your viewers to check out your ebook, sign up for a free trial, book a sales call… the possibilities are endless!

See how to capture leads using video ☝️

The 3-minute video platform

Our mantra is bite size content so we limit you to creating 3-minute videos because studies show your audience will likely switch off after that time.

Average view time for video on iPhone is 2.4mins

Content that is not concise to its core message is a time-waster. Long, detailed, multi-page documents take too long to read between e-mails and meetings – So, we ignore them. Fishbole gets you front and center.


Viewer fatigue is real. Fishbole keeps you from exhausting your audience.


Everyone judges a video by its runtime. A 3-minute runtime is less intimidating.


Doesn’t interrupt the rhythm of viewers daily lives.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars in the G-Suite Marketplace

Fishbole has been an instant love for LiveHire. It’s perfect to deliver short and important messages in a highly engaging way with our audience.

Antonluigi Gozzi
CEO @ Livehire

Since switching to Fishbole to communicate our sprint reviews we’ve seen a 50% increase in the open rate of our companywide updates.

Nitin Prasad
Product Manager @ EROAD

If you are looking at promoting an event, webinar, product, service or idea, Fishbole is a great way to get this across to your customers.

Quentin Weber
Unbound Digital Marketing

We have seen new sales inquiries double and our Fishbole presentations have been used to help sign 2 new global partnerships.

Simon Moss
Founder @ Imagebrief


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